Freeze Pads
The most sophisticated alternative for transportation
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Freeze Pads
Sr.No Description (Temp. -18deg.c.) Dimensions (In MM) Nos. in
One  Box
1 Super Pad   0.25 Lit. 200(L) x 90 (B) x 20 (Thick) 50
2 Super Pad   0.5 Lit. 200(L) x 80 (B) x 35 (Thick) 35
3 Super Pad    2 Lit. 290(L) x 230((B) x 40(Thick) 4
4 Super Pad    3 Lit. 265(L) x 310(B) x 45(Thick) 4
5 Super  Pad   4 Lit. 330(L) x 261(B) x 50 (Thick) 3
6 Super Pad    6 Lit. 400(L) x 340(B) x 40(Thick) 2
High efficiency pads with freezing temp - 25 deg C available on request.
The most sophisticated alternative for transportation & distribution.

Ice cream, Chocolates, Pastries, Milk Products, Frozen Fish, Chilled Chicken, Meat products, Fruits, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Fruit Juices.

Advantages of pads :
Light weight, easy to handle. No damage to shipper. No rusting, no maintenance.
Hygienic & high aesthetic value. Brine chilling plant not required.
Jelly form, hence no leakages.    
Application Areas :
Transportation and distribution of Ice cream and Dairy products. Transportation and distribution of Chicken, Fish.
Transportation and distribution of Mushrooms. Vending of Ice cream.
Home deliveries of Ice cream, Frozen foods. Useful for Hotels, Canteens and Caterers.
Instructions for pad use :
Always keep the pads horizontally (Sleeping position) for freezing. Freeze the pads in deep freezer for 8-10 hours at recommended temperature.
Ensure that pads are frozen hard before use. Always handle the pads carefully as they may break due to rough handling.
Keep the pads again in the freezer immediately after use. Pads can be kept any where in the Insulated box.
Use a separate deep freezer for the pads as for as possible.
Factors governing effective time of pad :
Ambient temperature. Type of  products to be transported.
Duration of pad freezing. Number  of  times shipper is opened.
Quality of the shipper in terms of insulation, lid fitting. Temperature and efficiency of freezer used for pad freezing.
Initial temperature of frozen product.